Bring New Luxuries In Your Home: Spas And Jacuzzis

Luxury Inset Bathtubs

The possibility of combining a pleasant pastime and healing the body has long been provided by outdoor spas and whirlpool baths- popularly called a Jacuzzi.

Spa tubs have two main uses. This is getting a relaxing effect, a therapeutic effect. The first will help to relax, to carry out a complete reboot of the body. The second will reduce pain in the back, spine, and other important parts of the body.

Whirlpools are a popular product and by purchasing it you get the opportunity to improve the quality of your relaxation on a regular basis. After all, now you have your own Jacuzzi/spa.

The ultimate family fun- they offer you aqua fitness, therapeutic hydro massage, water aerobics, fitness training, and swimming fun for the whole family- also very suitable for competitive athletes or just for relaxation in the whirlpool area.


A whirlpool is a small wellness oasis for your home. This is equipped with several seats or loungers, as well as with water jets. These nozzles ensure bubbling bathing pleasure with water or air pressure.


The whirlpool is connected to a pump or a blower, which sucks the water or air out of the pool and then transports it back into the tub with enormous pressure.


– Jet system                                

Here, water is pumped into the basin at high pressure. The existing nozzles can be regulated depending on the desired massage effect.

– Air system

This system works with the help of an air pump. The air is sucked in and then warmed up and released back into the pool.

Nowadays there are also free-standing bathtubs is that have a combination of both systems. These models combine all advantages, such as the good massage effect of the water system and the “light” feeling of the tapping massage of the air system.


A basic distinction is made between whirlpools for indoor and outdoor use.

In contrast to the garden version, the indoor whirlpool is permanently installed. The water does not stay in the pool all the time and can be drained directly from an existing sewer line.

The advantage of the outdoor spa is clearly “bathing in nature”! However, attention must be paid to higher quality materials that can withstand everyday weather conditions.

Acquaviva’s swim spas are mobile, free-standing, and can be easily integrated into existing or new structures. The intensity of the training is controlled by the speed of the movements and the speed of the water flow. In addition, the swim spa is an easy and safe environment for children to learn to swim.

In swim spas, aqua sports and swimming training, as well as underwater massage and, of course, relaxation, are possible. Enjoy the relaxation you deserve right after your training session.

Thanks to the available seats or loungers with integrated massage jets, you can do something good for your body while you relax. As with a whirlpool, the swim spas are also equipped with very different massage functions.


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