4 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Designer Urinal

Designer Urinal

Whether you are looking for a Designer Urinal for work or home, there are many factors you’ll have to know about. To help you out with that, in this article we highlight 4 Basic things to consider when buying Designer Urinal of any type.

Factors to Consider


To begin with, let’s talk about the cost. Features that make a urinal more “Designer” will automatically increase the initial cost. Some convenience features, like automated flushing, will also raise the price. Moreover, the value of a urinal is affected by the brand’s reputation as well as the urinal’s aesthetic.

A well-designed urinal that looks attractive and is simple to use will certainly cost you more than one that simply does the basic function and calls it a day. So, it might feel like a tough decision but it is not. Investing heavily, in the beginning, can save you money down the road. (Read More: Well-being with spas and hydro pools)

Flush Options

For consumers who seek a more sanitary approach, you can choose to get hands-free flush Designer urinals. These either can be equipped with a sensor that detects whenever a visitor is done and automatically flushes the toilet or a timer-equipped one that empties the urinal at predetermined intervals.

If you’re purchasing a urinal for a corporate restroom, alternatives like these can help keep your urinals hygienic, making your housekeeping staff’s work easier, and giving your customers peace of mind by ensuring they don’t come into contact with any germs.


It is highly recommended that you take measurements of the area you have accessible before you start searching for the available options.

You would not want to spend time looking at urinals that aren’t even close to meeting your needs. Furthermore, you may end up purchasing one that you believe is ideal just to learn that it does not match the room’s feel or vibe.

Being able to put more urinals together in a crowded bathroom in a commercial setting can mean that traffic goes through the facility more rapidly, lowering visitor long waiting times.

Installing relatively small urinals can thus be advantageous.

If you’re just purchasing a urinal for your house, considering renovation, you might be limited by the amount of area you have. If that’s the case, double-check your specifications and try a narrower urinal. No one wants to find out that the toilet they purchased and fitted is taking up too much room.

Cleaning Ease

Any urinal you purchase will require cleaning. That’s the most unpleasant aspect of having a urinal, the flush kind is the most crucial factor in determining how effortless a urinal will be to cleanse.

The cleaning process for flush urinals is just a little easier because they are flushed using water during the day – as long as enough people who use them flush it remain relatively clean. But still, it is a hassle

Your urinal’s form and features will also have an impact on how straightforward it is to clean.

The process will be more difficult if you have to clean hard-to-reach areas or crevices. And if the urinal’s layout makes it easier for visitors to miss the bowl (which happens), making your cleanup work will be massively larger and far less pleasurable.

Cleaning is perhaps the most inconvenient aspect of a urinal, so think about it before you buy so you can decide if you want to go with a type that reduces the mess and hassle.


Whenever it comes to Designer Urinal, looking beyond the surface appeal and choosing one with solid basic necessities is critical, if you don’t want your Urinal to become a smelly, dirty part of your life. Take some time to think about the factors above and choose the best Designer urinal that also perfectly suits your needs.

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