3 Major Heated Towel Rack Misconceptions Debunked

a3 Major Heated Towel Rack Misconceptions Debunked

Heated towel racks are undeniably the most amazing bathroom accessories in the modern era of homes and hospitality that offers a unique amalgamation of comfort and luxury. However, they’re one of the least understood home enhancers, as there are some misconceptions that need to be cleared up in order to get the most out of these elegant, innovative home accessories. Fortunately, Acquaviva is an authority on heated towel rail and is more than willing to help dispel the myths.


Myth 1: Towels Can Be Warmed on Heated Towel Racks

This is presumably the towel rack heating myth that circulates the most. Many people believe they are just indulgent and exist to guarantee you always have a warm towel nearby. The problem is that their main duty is to DRY your towel, which they can achieve in a matter of hours. Although you will experience a small bit of warmth, their main objective is to significantly shorten the time it would take for your towel to dry if it were simply hung on the back of the bathroom door. A quick drying period is crucial because the shorter the drying time, the less time there is for bacteria to grow on the towel. In this way, a heated towel bar serves both functional and hygienic purposes in addition to providing luxury. (However, the delightful sensation of a warm, dry towel is unquestionably the nicest “extra bonus” around.)


Myth 2: Running heated towel racks costs money

Wow, what a surprise! Did you know that a typical heated towel rack only consumes roughly the same amount of power as a 60 to 180W lightbulb? In this way, you won’t have to be concerned about running up a significant electricity bill if you leave them on all day or for extended periods of time. The use of a heated towel drying rack really lowers your utility costs because you won’t want to put damp towels in the dryer, which is highly expensive to run. Even better, if your heated towel rail with timer from Acquaviva is equipped with an advanced timer mechanism, you can program it to operate only when you know you need it, further minimizing your energy use. In other words: If you frequently used the dryer frequently, your heated towel rack could pay for itself in significant energy savings. It might enable your heated towel rack to pay for itself after only a few months of use!

Myth 3: You cannot use heated towel racks to dry clothes

It turns out that nothing is preventing you from using a heated towel rack to dry your clothes. Just remember that they were created to dry wet towels. Therefore, it would be better to use a dryer or the sun to quickly dry anything that is drenched in water. Additionally, keep in mind that the heated towel rack’s surface might grow rather warm. Although undoubtedly not as hot as an iron, it would be better to use the same reasoning. Don’t hang up your clothing on your heated towel rack if it has a plastisol print that might melt or is composed of a particularly fragile fabric that shouldn’t be exposed to high heat.

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