What's Matter When Ordering an Floor Mounted Tap for Basin
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What’s Matter When Ordering an Floor Mounted Tap for Basin

We agree that using a floor mounted tap for your basin to attain your perfect look is a tough call. Bathrooms for families must be built with the entire family in mind. Easy-to-operate taps are especially beneficial to the family’s younger and senior members. Regardless of your family’s demographics, you’ll want high-quality taps that operate precisely. In…

Best Bathtubs in India Freestanding Vs Built In Bathtubs

Best Bathtubs in India: Freestanding Vs. Built-In Bathtubs

If you’re looking for the best bathtubs in India before committing to a major bathroom renovation, Acquaviva understands you. Freestanding bathtubs are much more beautiful. Built-in bathtubs, on the other hand, have some practical advantages, particularly in smaller rooms. That is why below, let’s take a look at the advantages of both choices In-depth.  Freestanding Tubs The…